Last call for boarding!

Last call for boarding!

For all you javelin sailors: We still want to invite all the boats that have not yet registered for the European Championships to join this great event at Hourtin in France. With 28 ships regsitered right now this event will be one of the biggest Javelin events of the past few years!

Webcam and weather!

On the website of CVHM a webcam has been placed! [shadowbox=|Webcamview at lake Hourtin|260|350]Look at the webcam at CVHM[/shadowbox] | [shadowbox=|Weather in Hourtin|500|690]6 day forecast in Hourtin[/shadowbox]

Lycra shirts with print

We also have an offer for great stretch shirts! These shirts will be printed with a text on the back and will be available for only [b]€ 15,-[/b]!! (Price in stores from €35 and up to € 75,-!!) [shadowbox=|Lycra shirt]Take a look at a lycra shirt[/shadowbox]. Please reply to this [link=]forumpost[/link] about those shirts if you want to order in advance (until 17th of July). You can also order at the Championships after you have had a look at it, if not in stock you receive it after the event. Please let us know as soon as possible if you want one or more shirts for this incredible price. Pay on site. So reply to the forumpost please!

Arriving on saturday

We also want to stress that if you have plans to arrive on the saturday before the event you [b]MUST[/b] let []Tis NED405[/email] know that you planning to come [b]including the NUMBER of people[/b]! [i]If you fail to do so, you can not be admitted to the camping on saturday![/i]

Parking your trailer

Trailers can be parked on the club after the event, and be picked up later. For those who plan to extend their time in France, or maybe Spain, you can leave your trailer at the club and pick it up again when you return home.


* Reply to the [link=]forumpost[/link] if you want to order one [shadowbox=|Lycra shirt]shirt[/shadowbox] or more. * Send []Tis NED405[/email] an email if you want to camp on saturday. * Trailers can be parked at the clubafter the event and picked up later. In het Nederlands: * Geef je bestelling van een [shadowbox=|Lycra shirt]Lycra shirt[/shadowbox] op via dit [link=]forumbericht[/link]. * Stuur []Tis NED405[/email] een mail als je op zaterdag al gebruik wil maken van de camping. * Trailers kunnen na het evenement worden geparkeerd op de club.