EK Javelin 2008 in Travermunde

EK Javelin 2008 in Travermunde

Jens heeft een emailgestuurd met de volgende inhoud:

Hi everybody, Had a phonecall from a nice lady of the travemuende staff, saying we have still fust a few entries for the Javelins - and closing date is 7th of July

There are two ways of entering:

  • On http://www.travemuender-woche.de there's a button "Online-Meldung/Online-Registration" on the right/middle of the page flashing
  • If you click on that button, you can either download the Entry-form as a PDF or Click on "Online-Registration" again.
  • Fill in 'Javelin' and your nation from the Pull-Down-menus and enter your sailnumber, then namens and addresses for helm and crew.
  • Entering your telefon-No. esp. Mobile may be a good idea, because in case of any problems the staff can reach you during the week
  • The important part is the pull-down-menu at the end of the page concerning the accomodation.
  • Look on the PDF, there's a small table for the options you have: first you can choose between 'upto 4 days' and 'up to 6 days'. Everybody who intends to come a bit earlier should choose the '6days'-option - it's really not very expensive. Then you can choose between small tents / big tents / small caravans/motorhomes or big caravans/motorhomes.
  • I say important, because if you leave that open when entering it is very difficult to get a ticket when you're at the check-in table. (lesson form last time)
  • On the next page, click the checkbox for the disclaimer, then ok.
  • On the third page, German competitors have the choice of payement via 'Lasteinzug' or 'Credit-Card', English and Dutch competitors can only pay via credit-card.

But the latter don't have to pay with the entry - you can pay at the check-in desk in Travemuende. Then you should not use the online-registration - instead fill in the entry form and send it in.

For the german competitors: You have to pay when entring - so please use the online-registration and the 'Lasteinzug'-option - it's as save & very easy: just type in your Kt-Nr. and BLZ !!!

Danke & viele GrĂ¼sse